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Easy Bungee Bag
Easy Bungee Bag
Easy Bungee Bag
Easy Bungee Bag
Easy Bungee Bag

Easy Bungee Bag

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Love for travelling has always been an infectious love for
pictures, places, food and people. Most research say
that people who don't like travelling were worried by the
bag-walk part. Well, worry no more!

Travel easier when you attach a 2nd bag to your
wheeled luggage. Enjoy the bag-walk on travels
especially on international airports that don't have
escalators on some extent. like Europe, with the help of
Easy Bungee Bag , you would be able to loot more
things on your hand-carry luggage without actually
carrying them. You simply enjoy and slide away while
keeping all your necessities easy to get once you reach
your pit stop.

Tough and durable for the rough ride going to your
destination, the Easy Bungee Bag is made of
stretchable black nylon, it works on single or double pole
telescoping handles and makes your items easy to pull
with one hand. It is also Lightweight, compact and easily
stores in a purse or carry on. Pull your luggage and other items with less effort, thanks to this innovative accessory.

The Bag Bungee attaches easily to the handle system of
wheeled luggage and secures a second bag, coat or
other item, allowing the two items to move as on.